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Highland Cow Dunrobin Castle and Gardens Our Parsons Jack Russell dog, Posie on the beach Beautiful Scenery at Talmine in Sutherland Wooden boat wreck Torrisdale Bay and the River Naver at Bettyhill, Sutherland, Scotland. Talmine Jetty Highland Cattle and Scenery in Caithness Dunrobin Gardens at Dunrobin

Nearly everyone has access to a device that can take photographs and we must now take more photographs in a day that all the photographs taken in the first 100 years of photography (a guess not a fact). With amazing technology built into your phone, tablet and digital camera you are probably able to take a picture and send it to twitter, Facebook or your online blog in the matter of minutes, or less. You can send your photographs around the world to friends or colleagues in seconds, this is a truly an amazing time in recording our lives through photography.

This photo blog publishes some of the many photographs I have taken over the years, some good, depending on the digital camera I used at the time. Before I used digital I had an SLR using printed pictures and colour slides to see my photographs, both expensive and restricted in the number of pictures I could take due to cost. Now we I take pictures of where I live, my pets and anything else that I find interesting.

If you enjoy looking at my photographs and you are interested in sharing them I have included Social Media Share buttons on most pages. If you would like to use an image then please also tell people where you found the picture by linking back to this website.

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